ELITE LEAGUE by @NapsLeague

Check out the Elite League run by @NapsLeague.

Twitters newest and best horse racing competition.

Nap a horse every day and receive points if it wins. This is like no other horse racing competition. We focus on racing and all of our competitions are run the same way. We completely ignore the odds as too many focus on the gambling side of racing. We're all about 'keeping it fun'.

Join the community. We've already got over 100 racing fans submitting a Nap every day.

Points awarded are as follows.

1st 13pts
2nd 7pts
3rd 4pts

Bonus awarded as follows.

Under Even = 0% Bonus
Evens - 4/1 = 50% Bonus
5/1 - 8/1 = 100% Bonus
8/1+ = 150% Bonus


eg. 1st Place horse with SP price of 4/6 gets 0% Bonus = 13pts
eg. 1st Place Horse with SP of 11/8 gets a 50% Bonus = 13pts + 6.5pts
eg. 2nd Place Horse with SP of 6/1 gets a 100% Bonus = 7pts + 7pts
eg. 3rd Place Horse with SP of 15/1 gets a 150% Bonus = 4pts + 6Pts