The Diary Of a Mad Man.. Chapter One.

Sometimes its good to take a step back.

The world we live in moves so fast these days that we often forget why we are here. We forget what makes life worth living and sometimes we lose sight of whats important.

Like many of you reading this, you'll remember a time before Twitter and Social Media. When it was only the birds that tweeted and the only things we shared was the pic 'n' mix from the local shop. 

But these days, the world feels like the world revolves around what we see and read on social media. Facts are offered up which are no more than a well written opinion. Elections are won and lost. Lives are ruined by a careless comment. 

We all know that this is the way of the world, but sometimes we become so enthralled in it, it becomes all consuming, you find yourself checking your feed before you've even wiped the sleep from your eyes. I'm no different. Or at least I wasn't.

Many good people use social media as an escape from 'the real world' and some lead a double life. Not everyone is what or who they seem. (that sounds more sinister than it should). 

We (the NapsLeague team) have seen many good people over the years and many I'd now consider friends, who at some point have struggled with life. We've been the crutch they lean on, the world they escape to when life becomes hard, the laugh they need when the walls feel like they're caving in. 

So I write this blog post with a level of understanding and experience. 

To be clear, this never our intention when we set this up. It was simply a place for horse racing nutters to enjoy the racing without having to gamble. But, its clearly so much more these days.

We all see the tweets and ads for people to be kinder to each other. But how many of us do more than hitting the ReTweet button?

Maybe we should all stop and think for a second before we hit send. It's often very difficult to convey context when you smash out a 280c retort. Often what you mean and what you say are at odds. That throw away comment has the power to crush someone, even if it was never intended.

I'm no different. I'm sure we've all sent tweets and posts we regret. We get caught up in the moment and lose sight of what really matters.

But... Recently I've been thinking about this more and more and decided to take a break from social media. 

But, instead, I'm going to bore you shitless with what I really think. What really matters to me. Also, what the real world looks like, if you took a moment to stop staring at your phone for a moment..

This will be posted on twitter, but I'll not see any replies, as the system Tweets all posts.. Feel free to share it, but rest assured, I'd doing this for my benefit, not for RT's or likes.

Maybe its a lesson we could all do with learning.

Just Be kind..

Think of this as the diary of a Mad Man....

To Be Continued................