The Diary Of a Mad Man. Chapter Three.

Virus fatigue. What's to become of us? and a shopping trip.

Is it me or is the world slowing and unwittingly sleepwalking into a self-fulfilling prophecy?

The more we hear about Covid-19 the more people are seemingly losing their shit. From panic buying bog-roll to bulk buying FFP3 dust masks. I mean, honestly, what are people doing?

I was fine with the world losing its mind while I carry on living my life, in my own unique style, but now shits getting real.. I can deal without toilet paper and pasta, but I draw the line at Covid-19 interfering with the sports I enjoy.

Yes, the flu has halted football.... STOP THE FUCKING WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF....

I understand the many folk out there who have health issues could do without catching this new form of Flu, but... It's football and I also see from the news that the Olympics is also looking like being called off.. What next? The Euros? The Racing, F1?

I'm starting to think these measures are more detrimental to the worlds population than the virus it self.. We shall see..

In other news, I placed a bet today on National Hunt Racing... (I know)..

Obviously it lost. I'd like to say I enjoyed watching the horses I backed win, but it was dull.. Apart from Champ. The rest were dross...

Spurs... The least said about that shitshow the better... I've watched some woeful performances in my time, but that was right up there. Was so bad I didn't even send Si the usual "Who's Dat" video I save for just such an occasion.

Anyway, day three away from Twitter... Don't miss it one bit...

Hope you're all keeping well and everyones enjoying NapsLeague.


Back tomorrow for another brain fart...