The Diary of a mad man.. Chapter Two..

First world problems, bog rolls and and the end is neigh..

If you're back after reading chapter one, it's says an awful lot more about you than it does me, but we march on.

So where to start? First world problem of the week, is changing from a Chromebook to a MacBook Air. Whilst having a Mac is 'all that' it doesn't have a touch screen. I wonder how many more times I'll tap the screen, expecting a response..

Life outside of the Twitter bubble is as you would expect. The world hasn't ended, I've not been left staring at the wall in a cold sweat. One thing I've noticed, I've not called anyone a C*nt for a few days, which I guess is progress.

I've not been as annoyed or bewildered as I would normally be, but... I wasn't aware of just how much I relied on social media for my current affair and news. Was a time I'd read a news paper or watch the news, which I've not done in ages. I think this will now need to change. The 6pm news might just become a staple in my life again, but I doubt I'll be reaching for a News Paper any time soon.

Regards to racing, I find myself missing the chat and reaction to winners and more over, losers. But thats all.

Not hearing about all the morons bulk buying bog roll like 2020 is the year of the Curry is a bonus.

Not having to wade through the endless stream of prats believing the end is coming and we're all going to be wiped out by a bit of flu, is worth all the disadvantages of giving up on Twitter for a bit.

So, whilst I have your attention, or at least I hope I have, I've backed Spurs to qualify in the full knowledge I cannot lose. Seeing Spurs crash out to a two bob German outfit is worth the bet. If they win, the cash will give me comfort in these dark days.


ps. If you're at Cheltenham, I hope you have all the winners you deserve.

pps. Happy birthday to Sally, a year wiser.